NERF Rival Reviews

Do you love NERF guns but feel that you need even more power? The NERF Rival range is here to help. Suitable for fans fourteen years and up, the guns in the Rival range are high performance blasters which are designed for competitive “Red vs. Blue” team play. All Rival blasters are built for speed and power, boasting the fastest fire rates across all ranges, these blasters are not to be messed with. It is worth noting that the Rival blasters don’t use traditional NERF darts, instead Hasbro has created specially designed “high-impact rounds” which are spherical. If you want to take your battles to the next level then the Rival range is definitely worth a look.

Please remember, safety first. Because of the increased fire power of the Rival range we strongly recommend that you get a protective face mask, you can find the official Rival mask here on Amazon.

NERF Rival Artemis XVII-3000



  • Slam-fire action
  • Rotating barrel
  • Includes trigger lock
  • 30 round integrated magazine
  • Includes 30 high-impact NERF Rival rounds

The Rival Artemis XVII-3000 is the perfect entry level blaster for anyone new to the Rival range. This slam action barrel blaster makes use of 3 spring loaded, integrated clips, which feed a rotating barrel. To get shooting, slide back the clip cover, load up your high impact rounds, slide the cover back, turn off the safety (located on the side of the blaster) and start blasting your enemies!

The Rival Artemis XVII-3000 has an impressive 100ft range and fires high impact rounds at 100fps. People are definitely going to know when their hit and thanks to the incredible accuracy you will be picking off enemies in no time. The NERF Rival Artemis XVII-3000 comes with 30 high impact round and doesn’t require any batteries. Once you’ve got the Artemis out of the box, suit up and get on the blasting field.

NERF Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

NERF Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K


  • Fully motorized
  • Easy to load
  • Hopper fed blaster
  • Holds up to 100 high impact rounds
  • Requires 6 D batteries (not included)

We can only think that the guys down at the NERF RIval R&D department either have a lot of time on their hands or they simply wanted to create the most monstrous blaster imaginable – NERF fans meet the Rival Nemesis MXVII-10k.

Unlike many blaster in the NERF universe the Nemesis is a fully automatic behemoth. You don’t have to worry about holding down any pesky accelerator buttons to get the Nemesis up to speed, simply hold down the trigger and watch (in awe) as you start unloading round-after-round upon your cowering enemies. Not only does the Nemesis boast an impressive fire rate and full automation it also brings hopper fed blasting to the table. Rather than have to rely on clips which can be cumbersome to load and reload, the Nemesis makes use of a huge hopper which can hold up to 100 high impact rounds!

Now the Nemesis is a little more pricey than your standard Rival NERF gun but if you are serious about your blasting and want to completely dominate the field then look no further – this truly is the most powerful blaster on the market today. We would say that “with great power comes great responsibility” but we know you are just going to blast your competition away with no remorse….

The NERF Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K comes with 100 high impact rounds but you will need to pick up 6 D batteries if you want to get the blaster going.

NERF Rival Zeus MXV-1200


  • Motorized blaster
  • Includes Flip-up sights, trigger lock and jam clearing door
  • Easy-load, ambidextrous, 12 round magazine
  • 2 tactical rails for Nerf Rival accessories
  • Includes 12 high-impact NERF Rival rounds
  • Requires 6 C batteries (not included)

The NERF Rival Zeus MXV-1200 is an easy to use motorized blaster which features a 12 round, ambidextrous, magazine for stress free reloading (an essential for when you are in the thick of an intense NERF battle). If you are looking for an simple motorized blaster then we would recommend taking the Zeus into serious consideration.

In terms of usage, the Zeus has been designed for both left and right handed fans. Simply flip down the clip lock on whichever side you prefer and start loading up your high impact rounds. Once you are fully loaded, press down the accelerator button located below the trigger and you can start unleashing rounds at an alarming rate! The one limitation of the Zeus is that the clip is small relative to other blasters available Rival range making it a slightly more limited NERF gun for those of you who really like to let the rounds fly.

The Rival Zeus MXV-1200 includes 12 high impact rival rounds and an ambidextrous clip but note that the blaster doesn’t include any batteries so you will need to pick up 6 C batteries in order to get the motors running.

NERF Rival Apollo XV-700


  • Spring-action blaster
  • Easy-load, ambidextrous, 7 round magazine
  • Blaster has a trigger lock
  • Includes 7 high-impact NERF Rival rounds

The Rival Apollo XV-700 is a super easy, spring-action blaster which makes use of a 7 round magazine (loaded at the bottom of the blaster). When it comes to performance the Apollo may not pack the same punch as other blasters in the range but is fantastic if you are looking for something on a budget.

Once you have loaded up the included 7 round clip, pull back the spring action cocking mechanism located on the top of the blaster and you can start your blasting! There isn’t much to the Apollo XV-700, it really as simple as that!

The Apollo comes with a 7 round clip and 7 high impact Rival rounds and is completely manual so no need for batteries! Happy blasting.

NERF Rival Khaos MXVI-4000

Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster Red


  • Motorized blaster
  • Rapid Fire
  • Includes 40-round magazine,
  • Includes 40 high-impact NERF Rival rounds
  • Requires 6 D batteries (not included).

The Rival Khoas MXVI-4000 is a colossal blasting machine, not only is it a fully automatic NERF gun but it features a massive 40 high impact magazine. If you are looking to punish your enemies by unleashing an, almost unlimited steam of high impact round, look no further!

Once you have loaded up the 40 high impact round magazine, hold down the accelerator button to get the motor running and unleash NERF hell (in the form of high impact rounds)! The Rival Khaos is one of the fastest firing NERF blasters on the market, like many of the Rival guns this blaster has an impressive range of up to 100ft. If you don’t want to rely on accuracy and prefer the “spray ‘n’ pray” method of NERF blasting then this may be a match made in heaven.

The Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 includes 40 high impact Rival rounds but please remember to buy yourself 6 D batteries to avoid any disappointments.

NERF Rival Atlas XVI-1200

Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200 Blaster Red


  • Fires 2 rounds at once
  • Pump action cocking mechanism
  • Includes 12 round magazine
  • Includes 24 high-impact NERF Rival rounds

The Rival Atlas XVI-1200 may look like your standard Rival blaster but it has a sneaky trick up its sleeve. Unlike other blasters the range, the Atlas fires two high impact rounds at once! Surprise your enemies by sending two rounds their way instead of one!

The Rival Atlas makes use of 12 round magazine located at the back of the gun and requires a quick pump in order to prime. Once you are primed and ready then start sending two round against your enemies, even though you are firing two rounds at once the Atlas doesn’t let you down in performance, so get ready so see your opponents cower in fear!

Including a 12 dart magazine and 24 high impact NERF Rival rounds the Atlas XVI-1200 may not have the highest capacity but you will have spare rounds for when you run out!