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Top 10 NERF guns

If you are looking for the Nerf “Best in class” or are just trying to get your head around all of the different types of blaster, you have come to the right place. You will find our quick guide to the best blaster on the market segmented by type. We are always updating our lists so be sure to come back to refreshing your Nerf knowledge.

Top 10: NERF


These are our de facto top 10 blasters. If you are looking to get a quick overview of which blaster is the best then this is the page for you. There is a lot of variation here but every single blaster listed is considered the best in class. Just remember, bigger doesn’t always mean better!

Top 10: N-Strike Elite NERF Blasters

NERF N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster

The N-Strike Elite blaster range is for you more technical Nerfer. Here you will find anything from simple one shot pockets blasters to some very advanced (and fancy) electronic blasters. Be sure to reach through all of the details as many have special features included.

Top 10: NERF N-Strike Mega Blasters

NERF N-Strike Elite DoubleBreach Blaster

Unlike their more technical brothers and sisters, the N-Strike Mega range is focused on pure intimidation. Sporting bulkier designs and larger NERF darts, Mega blasters are for those of you who want to make a real statement on the blasting field.

Top 10: NERF Zombie Strike Blasters

Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster

The blasters that make up our NERF Zombie Strike Top 10 are not your average NERF guns. The blasters in the NERF Zombie Strike range are typified by being bigger, weirder and more often than not green! This is our pick of the best Zombie Strike blasters on the market, they may look a little silly when compared to other NERF ranges but these are still serious NERF guns.

Top: NERF Doomlands 2169 Blasters

NERF Doomlands Double Dealer Blaster

The NERF Doomlands 2160 blaster range is a little different. In out guide you will find some seriously big blaster. Most of them have rotating barrles and all of them have transparent sections letting you watch the inner workings. If you like seeing how NERF blaster work or just want to show off some impressive blasting tech then check out Doomlands.

The Best Motorized NERF Blasters

NERF Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster

Ever get bored of having to constantly cock your blaster before each shot? If yes, then check out the best motorized blasters that NERF has to offer. All of the blasters in our guide require batteries but are serious blasting machines with incredible fire rate and capacity. Take your blasting to the next level with a automatic NERF gun!

Top 10: NERF Rebelle Blasters

NERF Rebelle CornerSight Blaster

The guns in the NERF Rebelle series are themed around spies and spying. If you want to be sneaking around the NERF field then you should definitely check out the blasters in this range. There is a lot of innovation in the Rebelle range so if you are looking something a little more special than your standard blaster, you have come to the right place!

Top 10: K’NEX K-FORCE Blasters

K’NEX K-FORCE RotoShot Blaster

The guns in the K-FORCE range aren’t your average NERF blasters, in fact they aren’t made by NERF at all! The K-FORCE range of blasters is designed and created by K’NEX and has a strong focus on building and customization. All K-FORCE blasters are considered STEAM toys are a designed to inspire creativity. If you are looking for a fully customizable experience, look now further.

The Best Star Wars NERF Blasters

Captain Cassian's blaster.

In a galaxy far far away, an epic space saga has been unfolding. Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock will know Star Wars and what better way to enjoy the films after the big screen experience than getting your hands on your own Star Wars blaster? Our guide to the best Start Wars NERF guns will make choosing simple.