NERF: Basic Accessories

NERF: Basic Accessories

Have you ever felt as though your blasting fun is missing a certain something? Perhaps you really need to practice your shots or maybe you need to hold some extra darts…Here you will find all of the essential NERF accessories for the avid blaster fan. That isn’t to say that you need any of the items listed below but if you want to step up your game why not check them out?


Darts Refills

Running low on ammunition, need a NERF dart refill? It is important to always have enough darts, otherwise you aren’t going to win many blaster battles any time soon. There are a lot of darts to choose from, standard elite or specialist Rebelle arrows? The choice is up to you.

NERF N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest Kit

Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest Kit

Step up your blasting game with the N-Strike tactical vest. This durable vest lets you carry extra dart ammunition onto the field and come with two additional quick reload clips! Never run out of darts, never leave the fight and never back down!

NERF N-Strike Elite Bandolier Kit

N-Strike Elite Bandolier Kit

Fancy yourself as a bit of a blaster Rambo? Then you need the N-Strike Bandolier kit. The kit come with 2 quick reload clips and 24 elite darts meaning you will always have additional ammunition. The bandolier is a must have for avid Nerf fans.

NERF Elite Target Pouch

Nerf Elite Target Pouch

Need to work on your aim or just fancy a bit of target practice? The NERF target pouch is a great addition for any blaster addict. The compact pouch can stand alone or be hung on a door and holds up to 200 darts. Fire into the target slot and retrieve your darts quickly and without mess.

NERF Elite Utility Pouch

Nerf Elite Utility Pouch

If you’re anything like us then you have quite a few blasters and a lot of darts, that’s why we grabbed ourselves a Utility Pouch. The pouch itself is made from durable fabric and can hold up to 5 NERF ammo clips and a whole load of darts. It may not be the most exciting accessory but sure makes life a little tidier.

NERF Rebelle
Vision Gear

Nerf Rebelle Vision Gear

It is always important to remember that no matter how much fun you’re having blasting with your friends, safety comes first. The Rebelle Vision gear may not be the coolest accessory but think of it this way, with these safety glasses you will have no fear on the field – a sure fire way to victory!